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STUMFOL back on the road

STUMFOL will be on tour again soon - make sure to say hi!

27.10.2017 DE-Fürth, Kaffeebohne
28.10.2017 DE-Potsdam, Potsdamer Wohnzimmerkultur
29.10.2017 DE-Berlin, "Live at Schweigerstudios"
30.10.2017 DE-Düsseldorf, Butze
31.10.2017 DE-Trier, Privat (
01.11.2017 DE-Bielefeld, Plan B
02.11.2017 DE-Dresden, Wulberts Cafe
03.11.2017 DE-Leipzig, Stoned
04.11.2017 DE-Albstadt-Ebingen, Schiller

Posted on September 22nd, 2017
BEARDLESS join Fond Of Life Records

good evening all!
another great german punkrock band joined Fond Of Life Records - BEARDLESS from osnabrück will have a banger of an album out later this year. so please welcome the three boys and check out their Beardless facebook page.

the band will play a short „WE SHAVE YOU“ Tour 2017 with The Lamplighters soon - go see them live!

27.10. Hannover, Strangriede Stage
28.10. Osnabrück, Substanz
29.10. Wolfsburg, Secret Show
30.10. Berlin, Wild At Heart
03.11. Leipzig, Fischladen
04.11. Köthen, Rockster 73

Posted on September 16th, 2017
New Testpress approved

test pressings for a breathtaking new release just arrived!
more details very soon...

Posted on September 12th, 2017
GIULIO GALAXIS - Schwarze Erde

ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a new member to the club - GIULIO GALAXIS from St.Wendel. we have teamed up with our local friends at Kidnap Music to release 'Giulio Galaxis - Schwarze Erde' on a limited edition 7" vinyl records. expect powerful Punkrock with german lyrix and more details very soon!

the guys will play at Primsrock Indoor 2017 this saturday, so come, see and check their new songs out live!

Posted on August 31st, 2017